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"...if our art is to be appreciated and understood for what it brings into our world, we must assume the role of provocateur... we cannot be bound by artificial boundaries of mediocrity."  


         An award-winning professional artist/photographer and a much sought after instructor in the Metro Atlanta area. John's personal focus centers on capturing/creating realistic, figurative portraits and representational works searching for a dream-like yet realistic and often asymmetrical ambiance. His work is on display in a dozen, permanent exhibits, local Atlanta galleries, and several internet galleries.  

 As an instructor, John is thrilled to work with young & mature artists alike as they develop their skills and begin to visualize their artistic dreams. Since 2001, three adult students have gone on to become Instructors at local Art Centers & another is now an Art Center Director. Six students have been accepted into MFA programs and John has helped place 56 of his teen students in Universities & professional design schools including: Rhode Island School of Design; Ringling; Parsons, The New School; F.I.T.; MICA; SAIC; GSU; UGA;  KSU; Auburn University; New Paltz, N.Y., Columbia; Cal Arts; SVA; Syracuse University; SCAD; Corcoran; & more.    

 "It is deeply gratifying to witness younger students grow from beginners to pre-college portfolio candidates..... just as it is truly rewarding to be a part of the process when adult artists suddenly recapture that artistic wonder & wisdom they once had in their younger years.....'  '...I abide by a classical & intuitive form of instruction, borrowing heavily from the masters. with a defined purpose - to promote realistic fine art drawing in the tradition of the Old Masters’. I aim to provide skillful/proficient art education, stressing traditional art methods/skills to assist students building their individual art style classical fine art" 

John's process focus' on transitional values, composition & proportion, knowing that what was appropriate for Leonardo, Raphael & Durer, certainly remains completely relevant today. John carefully observes his subjects to ensure accurate and authentic description & composition. John attributes his affinity for realism to his extensive early training in photography, sculpture & design where meticulous attention to detail is required.  

 "Light and shape will always trump 'line' all day, every day which forms the basis for my work's focus & my work with my students. We work from life, creative imagination, still life, and photos - some supplied by me, others by the students........ I have, from early on, always emphasized two maxims: "integrity is not a luxury" and "an artist never allows her/his self (to be) held prisoner to a point of reference". These tenants are rigorously adhered to is an understatement which is why I am as proud of my student's originality, technical skills, and their honesty as I am of their diligence and creative abilities."  

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