I am often asked and usually am able carry’ 2-4 private students

year-round. Presently I have one private student with 2 more

starting in January 2019. 

I meet weekly with my students, year-round, at the student's home.

My rates are reasonable and do represent a serious commitment on both our parts to the process. My class meetings are usually 90min.

I charge $60 an hour & $80 for 90min- when paid monthly-**.

90% of past student's classes were 90 min in length. 

(*I invoice before the start of each month. there is a $5/hr supplemental fee when/if classes are paid weekly)


During our meeting time we review: work assigned, accomplished successes, future challenges, present topics, school assignments, A/P requirements, many other artists works to keep students aware of what is being created in the art world, here and abroad.

My class is designed for students who're interested in ultimately taking their creative ability and drawing skills to an higher level and who want to advance within a friendly 'studio environment'. 

Demonstrations and critiques are apart of the weekly scenario. In short, a private class consists precisely of what we do in a group class, albeit more concentrated and focused thereby bringing exponentially better developed works. Students work from life &/or photos - either heir own or provided by instructor. . Sixty- two private students since 2002,

61 graduated with 60 accepted into their University of choice......" None failed to gain admission.

Undergrad: Ringling College of Art, F.I.T., Alabama, Auburn, Art Institute, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Parsons School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design, Cal. Arts, GSU, UGA, KSU, MICA, Valdosta, SCADCarnegie Melon, Trinity College at Temple U., Appalachian State, Grandview U., Corcoran.

MFA programs: SCAD, Syracuse University Overseas Study (1yr masters program/architecture in Florence, Italy);

School of the Visual Arts, New Paltz.

Teen Drawing & Portfolio Development

Summer/Fall 2021

While We Shelter in Place


A closer look at our 'new normal' reveals initial predictions face regular updates and revisions.

Admittedly, precautions have lasted longer than optimists amongst us initially predicted.

Truth is it will last longer yet.


Because Covid-19 just won't go away, 
I'm maintaining some of my Virtual Class which includes Adult and Teen Drawing classes,


There are now THREE weekly

TEEN DRAWING & PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT classes: Group Studio classes @

Spruill Center

 Reeves House Visual Arts Center
One Zoom (Virtual) class

FALL 2021 TEEN Classes

Tuesday pm 


Spruill Center for the Arts (Dunwoody)

6 weeks....

$20 per student, w/ fees community subsidized 

4:40 - 6:40pm.

08/03 -  09/14

09/21 - 10/26

11/02 - 12/14

Wednesday pm 


Reeves House Visual Arts Center

5:00 - 7:00 


$180 per student

I    09/01 - 10/06       

II   10/13- 11/17         

Thursday pm 



4:30 - 6:30pm,

Originally for Spruill Art Center Teen students, NOW OPEN TO ALL TEENS 13 -19YRS

I    09/02 -  09/30*         

II   10/07 - 10/28          

III  11/04 - 12/02
2 hr class $80.00/ 4 weeks  &  $100.00/5 weeks* 

Hope to see all of you in one of the available classes soon. If you have ANY questions do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience

Best Regards..........

John W Horne