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I believe it sad that we often miss so much in our daily lives, too busy towards completing the newest tasks we’ve taken on to really see/marvel at the variety of sensations around us. I try to walk my path with the fresh eyes of a child, taking nothing for granted, and examining everything I stumble upon.

Discovery is the linchpin of my work. Finding, extracting and delineating the inner light of a subject is my driving force which in turn expands my desire for a greater understanding of the simple elements I chance upon.

My work’s focus has narrowed. The inner harmony of a subject laid bare as the light dances over and through it can be exquisite. It will illuminate both subtle and intense movement, this is the soul of my organic process.

Using traditional materials: ink, pastels, color pencils, graphite, charcoal, watercolor and gouache, each work is my attempt to illustrate a moment of the subject’s life within nature’s realm of organized chaos, something some would think ordinary, and yet others may find it magical.       

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